Hammering Student Recruitment using Social Media

Current Situation

Charter School in a heavily saturated market hired Thor Social to boost their student admission and recruitment numbers. Thor Social | Digital Marketing Agency was contracted to improve their marketing efforts to recruit more students.


The Charter School partnered with Thor Social Digital Marketing Agency to launch a robust marketing strategy that would attract and retain new students in their local community.

Thor Social implemented Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising including Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and a new Website.

Using boosted Facebook posts, as well as unboosted posts on other social media pages, we leveraged current and desired audience to attract and engage.


Updating the Website and the SEO, we were able to improve the copy to have the Charter School rank higher on search than other charters in the immediate area.


Using Paid Ads, we were able to target a specific demographic and location to attract prospective new families.


During the first 30 days of a new digital marketing strategy, an incremental 24 new student applications were generated digitally by Thor Social | Digital Marketing Agency.

Over the next 90 days of continued digital marketing, an incremental 65 new student applications were generated digitally by Thor Social | Digital Marketing Agency.

Thor Social was able to organically grow the Charter School's digital audience across all formats from 113 followers to 768 followers. This represented a 579.646% increase in overall followers as compared to the same period last year.

With the updates to the Charter School Website, we implemented an Online Application for prospective parents to fill out, instead of having to come in and fill out the old paper application, parents were able to fill out a prospective application from their mobile phones.

Less than 6 months later, after continued Digital Marketing work, the Charter School is filled to capacity and growing their waiting list. The Charter School is ranked Top 3 on Search in their state. Adding more students to their school has allowed them to expand from a K-8 Charter School to a K-9 Charter School, with hopes of continuing the success and eventually becoming a full K-12 Charter School.

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