Want More Students? We Know How & Where to Get Them.

Effective Marketing For Your School

We evaluate, analyze and elevate your marketing results. There are many elements to the successful marketing of a school. Thousands of parents and students have shared with us in confidential focus groups what draws them to a school and what keeps them at a school. In this equation, we have learned that there are dozens of key-points that influence student recruitment and retention. Thor Social evaluates, analyzes and then elevates a school’s marketing to meet the needs of the stakeholders, bringing your school more students who fit with your school’s culture and who want to stay long term. We build a marketing strategy specifically for each school that leverages the strengths and addresses the bottlenecks that are affecting enrollment. Thousands of students and millions of dollars have flowed into dozens of schools that have effectively implemented our marketing strategy.

  • Enrollment Management – Attract more students and build enrollment

  • Admissions – Making the Sale – The importance of every inquiry

  • Student Retention – Keeping more students is an enrollment building cornerstone

  • Web Development – The internet is a powerful recruitment and retention tool

Double The Number of Inquiries You Enroll

The Admissions Function – Making the Sale

Our proprietary admissions strategy and process results in immediate and long-term enrollment increases and significant additional revenues for schools. If you are not closing in Admissions with the type of success that you expect, wouldn’t you want to find out how to gain the tools to get there? Imagine if 75% or more of your inquiries turned into enrollment.

We will redevelop your admissions process from start to finish, implement with and train your personnel, and include several other key school functions that are critical to the admissions function.

  1. Review your existing systems and processes

  2. Identify and define with you the key elements of admissions

  3. Review several key interrelated areas of your school’s operations and recommend changes that will significantly increase the number of families who may want to enroll their children in the school

  4. Create an admissions pipeline

  5. Provide you with a highly developed admissions toolkit inclusive of several new programs developed specifically to widen your admissions funnel

  6. Deliver to you a manual for future admissions personnel to reference and be guided by

  7. Train everyone who may be involved in the admissions process

The end result is a school with a fully equipped admissions office that recruits, tracks, invites and enrolls a far higher percentage of families than the other schools in your community who are competing to attract the same families.

Student Retention

Most schools already understand that happy students and parents are the key drivers behind high retention – but even this is not enough for most schools to stop student attrition once it is occurring. You need tools to stop it now!

Hundreds of parents have revealed to us why they leave a school. In every school we ask and they answer, candidly, directly and with the hope that this information will make the school better in the future. This information and the ongoing experiences we get every week in schools has allowed us to develop a practical, manageable set of concrete objectives, activities, and TO-DO’s to halt the tide of student attrition. These powerful strategies are customized for your school. Our focus is on only those elements at your school that are causing high attrition. This enables faster, more efficient results and the results will be measurable in the number of students and the dollars that don’t leave your doors. The results are immediate and spread quickly into other key areas of your school such as recruitment and admissions.

Our Process:

  1. Evaluate the circumstances creating high attrition

  2. Engage immediately a strategy to retain your students BEFORE the family and student emotionally leaves your school

  3. Institutionalize a best-in-class retention strategy that will work for your school year after year

  4. Reduce attrition by 50% and more!

Website & Social Media Development

Thor Social develops websites and social media plans specific to your school and community.

A key function of student recruitment and retention is your school’s website. 100% of all new prospective families will evaluate your school based upon what they see when they get to your site. Literally thousands of parents have shared with us what they like about a school’s website and what turns them away, to another school. Is your website and social media strategy performing as well as you would like it to? Is it serving the needs of your school in this increasingly online world?

The Benefits to You:

  1. We have been tracking website performance for schools for over ten years and understand what current and new families are wanting from a school’s website.

  2. Because of our experience, your cost of a new website is much less than a generic web developer who is billing you for their learning curve as they try to understand your needs and the needs of your current and future families. You save money.

  3. We have highly technical web developers who cost efficiently build websites to our specifications with easy to use, tried and true Content Management Systems. This reduces your future cost of making changes to your website as it eliminates having to use third parties.

  4. We have an experienced production house to create your new, fresh look and feel for your school’s website.

  5. We understand the key elements of website content and navigational effectiveness that are required to attract new inquiries and meet the needs of your existing parents.

  6. We fully integrate your website with all the major social media outlets to reduce duplication of efforts and increase your website’s reach.

  7. We have an optimization strategy that significantly increases new, pre-qualified web visitors to your website and converts them to inquiries.

  8. We can have your new site and fully integrated social media package up and running three weeks from the day you approve the look and feel of the new home page.

  9. Thor Social will provide you with a website and social media plan that attracts new enrollment, reduces attrition, and significantly reduces your cost to have an effective internet presence.

For immediate assistance call 202-991-2466 to speak directly with one of our associates or email us at: info@thorsocial.com