Using Social Media to Attract New Patients

5 Ways to Attract New Patients with Social Media

Social media marketing seems easy enough when we post pictures of our family and reconnect with long lost friends, but how do you use social media to grow your practice? From strategy, to content creation, and more, here are 5 ways that you can attract new patients to your practice utilizing social media.

Regardless of your medical practice or specialty, these five tips can help grow your social media presence and attract new patients.

1) Join relevant Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to directly engage with potential patients. Joining groups where your target audience would hang out is key. For example, if you are an OBGYN office in a specific town, search your area for women’s health groups. Like posts and leave your feedback in comments. Not only does this familiarize your name with a large group of people, it also may directly present an opportunity for you to share about your practice in posts asking for OBGYN clinics in the area.

2) Create consistent content

Making sure that you come to mind when the need for your practice arises is key in the game of marketing, so creating content on a regular basis will help remind your patients or potential patients that you are there and ready to help. Frequency depends greatly on the platform, but usually a post a day on Twitter, or 3-5 posts per week on Instagram and Facebook get the job done.

3) Create relevant content

What facts, tips, photos, and stories does your target audience want to see? Creating content that adds value to your patients is key. Posting about a new study in your field or photos of changes to the office, a blurb about what your nurses and doctors have been up to over the holidays, and more. Create a relationship with your audience so that they remember your practice when a friend asks for a recommendation or if your patient or potential patient needs care.

4) Use A Scheduling Tool to Maximize Reach and Time

Finding time to devote to your social media strategy is hard! Thankfully, there are a lot of great tools to help you minimize the time you spend implementing your strategy and maximizing your reach. Instead of jumping online when you want to post to your networks, use a tool like Hootsuite. Just set-up all of your posts for a given amount of time, hit schedule, and sit back and watch Hootsuite post for you!

5) Work with a Healthcare Advertising Agency

Sometimes, even with the proper tools, handling your own practices social media can be just one more task you don’t have time for. Working directly with a digital marketing agency can alleviate the pressure of creating content, scheduling, engagement, and more, and allow you to focus on the things you love to do in your practice. Digital marketing agencies usually offer a number of social media packages, allowing you to choose the frequency of posts, networks, and price point that best fit your needs.

Don’t be one of the many practices that is missing out on the opportunity to reach millions of new potential patients by engaging with them directly on social media! With a healthcare marketing strategy, good content, and savvy, you could drive your practice to the next level using social media!

At Thor Social | Digital Marketing Agency we provide two different types of Social Media Marketing Packages for your practice: