Best Marketing Tips For Charter Schools To Increase Student Enrollment

Parents want the best for their children, especially when it comes to education. Over the past few decades, the education space has become increasingly more competitive with more paid and free education options available to parents. Charter schools provide students with a strong start to their learning careers, but there is still a lot of competition to contend with.

We understand that your school has a passion for providing parents and students with an option that best suits their needs. But, if your school doesn't have the right marketing plan to match those passions, your school may fall short of its enrollment goals.

Digital marketing is key in reaching a wider audience, and the more families who see what your charter school has to offer, the faster your student body and application pool will increase. Schools turn to Marketing Firms to leverage the decades of experience working with schools like yours across the public, independent and charter school landscape. Below are tips to improve your charter school's online presence and give more families a new education option for their children. Any of our consultants would be happy to discuss these in greater depth.

Before you can effectively use marketing to your school's advantage, you need to analyze your school's audience thoroughly, play to your strengths as an institution and make the benefits of attending a charter school clear to parents.

If you want to create an effective marketing strategy or campaign, you'll need to:

Relay your purpose: As a school, your mission should be the center of each student's educational experience. If your charter school has a specific curriculum focus integrated into classrooms, such as learning the arts or preparing for college, it can be a significant draw. Your marketing strategy should include your institution's purpose in a way that shows passion for teaching and learning and emphasizes who you are responsible for serving, within and outside of the classroom.

Understand your audience: Depending on where your school is located and what it specializes in, if anything, your audience will be comprised of different types of parents. You may cater more towards individuals with certain religious beliefs or political leanings, or your institution may provide a better alternative to overcrowded or underfunded districts and students with special interests. Analyze the surrounding areas and tailor your marketing campaigns to reach those target audiences.

Present the value: Your charter school has "value". Whether it offers advanced or specialized curriculum, has programs for students with disabilities or provides a welcoming, low-cost alternative to traditional institutions, your marketing should show parents the value of your charter school. Testimonials from current or former students and their families are an excellent way to showcase the real effects.

Emphasize advantages: Each type of school — traditional public, private, online and charter — has a set of advantages and disadvantages. Every individual school within those categories also has benefits and flaws. Highlight your strengths as a charter school and an independent institution. Include details like your high standards for education, tailored learning spaces, and inclusive environment. Your marketing should emphasize the benefits of enrolling, for students and parents.

Demonstrate credibility: One of the biggest concerns with seeking alternative options for education is making sure schools and instructors are credible. Establish your institution's standards for teachers and their curriculum, mention your accreditation status and show parents why your charter school is a competitive option for their child.

Create a brand: With a cohesive and appealing brand, your institution will be easily recognizable and appeal to a broader audience. This includes logos, color schemes and content pieces that show the personality of the charter school they represent. All elements of online marketing should stem from the branding, creating a distinctive look and professional feel for everything from ads to social media pages to websites.

Once you've established these details, you can begin creating a marketing strategy that works best for your institution, brand, and audience. Your strategy should incorporate each of these elements through several different platforms and methods of advertising, including a professional website and active social media pages.

With information about your target audience, you'll also be able to create an honest emotional appeal. Speaking to people's concerns and desires will trigger an emotional response, strengthening your marketing and increasing the memorability of your ads and brand. These kinds of messages may include student and instructor testimonies, the school's values, stories, and case studies.

One of the essential elements of charter school marketing is having a professional, easily navigable and attractive website. Your website is where most interested parents will look for more information, what shows up in search results and what will serve as a representation of your institution as a whole.

It is crucial that your website's landing page makes a good first impression and encourages parents to browse the site further. Parents looking at the page are likely to stop and return to their web search if it is too difficult to read or navigate.

Websites are multifunctional and provide an easily accessible outlet for information about your charter school. Thor Social | Digital Marketing Agency can help your school create a beautiful, professional site that is sure to impress prospective families.